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Bringing IT-centric skills to delivering IT projects is no longer enough for professionals working in the field.

Project management skills are

In large, multinational companies there has been a shift in IT Service Management (ITSM) strategies because of the blurred lines between business and IT and a

There’s a dogmatic view that every complex, IT service management problem has a single root cause when very often there are actually multiple causes.


What makes marketing a challenging activity to deliver in any organization – and how does adopting a project management method help?


University graduates going into IT need to be better prepared than they’ve ever been before, with a different understanding of IT and technology management.


F1 for the uninitiated

Not everyone that reads this will be a Formula 1 fan, so I should start by

Digital disruption companies – those going through rapid transformations using emerging technology and business models – face very particular challenges.

The likes of

Some of you might be thinking, what is the relation between PRINCE2® and the apocalypse? Well, they are closer than you might think. PRINCE2 is a

One year ago, many organizations had to send their employees to work from home. But what was meant to be a temporary situation seems to turn

As PRINCE2 and ISO 21500 (International Organization for Standardization, 2012) have different structures and scopes, it is not always possible to make direct comparisons clause by clause.

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