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TOGAF® Standard, Version 10 Reference Cards

  • Update: 09/07/2022

The TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition makes adoption of best practices easier.

It will show you where to find enduring and universal concepts and proven best practice and it will also underscore where to look for new emerging ideas. Together universal concepts, best practice guidance, and emerging ideas are how you adapt the TOGAF Standard for your configured Enterprise Architecture practice.

  • The TOGAF Standard is used by small, medium, and large commercial businesses, as well as government departments, non-government public organizations, and defense agencies
  • With greatly expanded guidance and how-to material, it enables organizations to operate in an efficient and effective way across a broad range of use-cases, including agile enterprises and Digital Transformation
  • The TOGAF Standard is designed for the dichotomy of common universal concepts and variable detailed configuration
  • The structure focuses on what most architects want – more, better, and topical guidance on how to deliver the best Enterprise Architecture that supports their stakeholders and their organization
  • It is divided into the TOGAF Fundamental Content and the TOGAF Series Guides; the TOGAF Fundamental Content provides the core concepts and practices, and the TOGAF Series Guides advise on configuration of the Fundamental Content.

The TOGAF® Standard, Version 10 Overview Reference Cards, this set of Reference Cards provides a summary overview of the TOGAF Standard, Version 10. Learn More


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