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FitSM® The Easy Way

  • Update: 07/05/2022

Is your ITSM process lacking a collaborative approach?

“According to Claudio Restaino, Traditional IT Service Management practices assume SINGLE central control over service management processes, hardly addressing the collaborative approaches to service delivery.”

➡️ “As a result, applying IT service management in united environments may be more difficult, and NOT all concepts/ideas will WORK. It is important in a federated environment, to understand the roles of the individual members as well as the collaborative business model.”

? “The answer to merge this combined approach, was found in research that ultimately led to the development of FitSM (Federated IT Service Management). A family of standards for lightweight IT service management suitable for IT service providers of any type and scale, FitSM was developed on the main design principle: Keep it simple!”

Source: | Author Claudio Restaino – Service Management Evangelist


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