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Affiliate Program

  • Are partners that are APMG Affiliate, sponsored by BITIL.COM. These partners utilize BITIL.COM's accredited courseware materials; while the program is delivered either by their own accredited instructors.

BITIL.COM is an Accredited Training Organization (ATO) and as such we offer training organizations the ability to become APMG Affiliate to allow them to offer and deliver certain certified training programs to their clients.

Our program includes:

  • BITIL.COM licenses quality courseware on a cost effective per year fee basis (illimitable courses and students),
  • Access to all our course updates as they become available,
  • Ability to order exams directly from the respective examination institute,
  • Ability to add your brand and print manuals.

Instructor-Led Course Material

Course material licensing includes all printable instructor/student material (Only PDF format). Course material can be branded with the Partners logo and is printed locally by the Partner. 

Order Exams

Exams can only be ordered by the affiliate and/or accredited training organizations. Affiliate's can order exams and are invoiced directly by their respective examination institutes.

Delivered by Your Instructors

Partners can deliver our accredited courseware using their own local instructors provided they meet the APMG Trainer Criteria. Partner instructors must satisfy BITIL.COM's instructor criteria for delivery and are bound by the partner agreement including non-disclosure prior to receiving course material. New instructors complete an intake form and provide their resume and pertinent certification.


  • Qualify by contacting BITIL.COM
  • Partner sign the BITIL.COM ITIL Training Services Agreement
  • BITIL.COM & Partner submit a letter of intent stating desire to engage in an Affiliate sponsorship by BITIL.COM to the respective accreditation institute
  • BITIL.COM submits a letter of Accreditation sponsorship to the accreditation institute requesting that Partner organization become an accredited Affiliate partner
  • The Partner submits copies of its 'instructor' certificates and CV's to BITIL.COM and the accreditation institute
  • Upon acceptance of the Affiliate application by the accreditation institute, the Partner can order examinations directly for all ATO accredited programs
  • The Partner can promote and resell BITIL.COM accredited training programs

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