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The M_o_R describes risk management from four different organizational perspectives: Strategic, Programme, Project and Operational. Each perspective may well require a different approach to risk management along the scale outlined above.

The M_o_R describes a framework which brings together a set of principles, an approach, a process, and includes advice on where to find further information on risk management techniques and specialisms. It also provides guidance on how to embed risk management into an organization depending on the nature of the organization and the objectives at risk. 

The four core concepts on which the management of risk framework (M_o_R framework) is built are:

  •  M_o_R principles: these principles are essential for the development of good risk management practice. They are all derived from corporate governance principles in the recognition that risk management is a subset of any organization’s internal controls.
  •  M_o_R approach: the M_o_R principles need to be adapted and adopted to suit each individual organization. Accordingly, an organization’s approach to these principles needs to be agreed and defined within a Risk Management Policy, Process Guide and Strategies, and supported by the use of Risk Registers and Issue Logs.
  •  M_o_R processes: these four main process steps describe the inputs, outputs and activities involved in ensuring that risks are identified, assessed and controlled.
  •  Embedding and reviewing M_o_R: having put in place the M_o_R principles, approach and processes, an organization needs to ensure that they are consistently applied across the organization and that their application undergoes continual improvement in order for them to be effective.

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